The analysis of a manufacturing system at all stages to maximize the quality of the process itself and the products being produced.


Quality Planning

  • Define Inputs and Requirements of:
    • Customer
    • Product
    • Process
    • Regulatory
  • Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Design & Process Review to verify input requirements are addressed

Process Quality Improvement Projects

Process Monitoring, Analysis & Improvement

  • DMAIC and PDCA Methodologies and Problem Solving Tools

    • Process Mapping
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Process Capability Studies
    • Measurement System Analysis (Gage R & R Studies)
    • Analysis
      • FMEA, Cause & Effect, 5Why’s, 5W2H, FTA, ANOVA, Inferential Statistics
    • Improvement, Kaizen, DOE
    • Process Monitoring, Control Plans and Continuous Improvement

Verification & Validation

Corrective and Preventive Actions (8D)